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Why do companies hire AKCEL Partners?

Every one of our clients is different but they all need either full-time, part-time or supplemental sales help to drive and grow their business. Some of our clients have chosen to outsource functions traditionally held internally to save on costs associated with benefits. Others need more people to tackle their market or to branch out into other segments. Others have a new product or service but no expertise or network to quickly gain traction in a market. Regardless of who they are, each client needs sales expertise and comes to us for one thing: results.

What makes AKCEL Partners unique?

The people. Our sales consultants are not new to their fields. They know the market, know the customers, know who drives business and, importantly, they know the people who make decisions. Our sales consultants do not need to be taught anything beyond the uniqueness of your product or service. We tell them what they need to know and we let them sell. They are used to being accountable because they earn their money based on results. Our clients come to us for immediate and long-term sales and we are determined to deliver.

How does AKCEL Partners match their sales consultants to their client’s goals?

The senior management team at AKCEL Partners takes the time, first and foremost, to understand our clients’ businesses, goals, markets and exact requirements. We then search our vast networks to find sales consultants with experience and a proven track record of successfully selling into that market. Importantly, we ensure these sales consultants bring with them a deep network and relationships within the designated market. After they have successfully gone through the interview process with us, our clients interview the sales consultants to ensure a perfect fit.

How many sales consultants do you hire for your clients?

It depends on the client’s goals. AKCEL Partners will hire as many people as is necessary to fulfill the goals outlined. Some of our clients have numerous sales consultants, dedicating one person to a certain segment or customer, while others will have one person who is responsible for meeting all revenue goals.

How does AKCEL Partners participate in the sales process once a consultant is hired?

A senior member of the AKCEL Partners management team is responsible for oversight and support for the sales consultants working on your business. We assign someone with enough experience in your market to understand the unique challenges our sales consultants might face, and our job is to help support them and drive them in every way. The AKCEL manager is responsible for the business and will develop a schedule to report back into our clients, share results, answer questions and make changes when necessary.

Does AKCEL Partners focus on a certain type of business or industry?

No, we focus only on selling. You might want to sell chemicals into the apparel industry, hard goods into targeted national accounts, component parts into food packaging or even sponsorships to a community festival… it does not matter to us! Our job is to learn about your business and your needs then find a sales consultant who has demonstrated sales success in that category. We support them and help drive your business to ensure your goals are met, whatever those might be.

How long do your contracts last?

While we are happy to adjust depending on the nature of the business, most of our contracts are multi-year contracts.

How is AKCEL Partners paid?

Every client is different and AKCEL Partners is flexible enough to adjust based on our client’s needs. Most contracts outline a mix of monthly retainer and commission. Our sales consultants are used to earning commissions and like their incentives to be structured this way but, at the beginning of a relationship, often earn a monthly retainer before commissions can kick in. AKCEL often charges a small administrative fee every month for the life of the contract to support reporting software, administrative tasks, etc..

How does AKCEL Partners handle travel and other expenses?

As we develop our contracts, we work to determine the best method by which to reimburse expenses. Most of our clients outline an annual T&E budget and we bill – at cost – our expenses every month, ensuring we do not exceed the outlined budget over the course of 12 months.